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We are creative designer of web designing, we make beautiful web sites for you. We always find online solution for your website and make our client's happy.

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Our Services

Want to build your career?

We make a platform for creative people who have the creative ideas and have the quality to make something different, then it’s time to show to all.

Our Services

Want to start your Own Online Store?

Build your own E-Commerce store and sold your products all over the world from your locality and get connected with more customers.

About us

Crafting Digital Experiences​

Welcome to Crafts Mine, we are a group of freelance designers who designs & develop for a person, organisation and business purpose. We worked for your new and existing projects also. We design website with these great features which is  mention aside. Hope you ❤ our works, see you soon…

  • Multi purpose website
  • No more code required
  • Use modern templates
  • Responsive Designs
  • Easy to maintainance
  • Personalise graphic design
The Incredible


We have come up with great features for you where you can find yours. You can choose from the features offered below like you need.


WP Designing

No more code needed building a website, now it's code less and easy to use. So start creating beautiful website.


WP Tutorial

Here we can discuss about WordPress and their related things. We'll update you with all the web related articles & news. 


Online Earning

Now you can make money with us. Here we give you a platform to perform and show your talent worldwide and earn.


Team Support

We are always ready to help our clients to solve their problem and want to give you a pleasant experience.

SEM Content Marketing

Increase Google Rank

Google Adwords Strategy

Help you to increase

your Business Growth

Every time we make plans to improve your business well. We understand what your business does and who your ideal customer is and also understand that there is a purpose behind creating every website and We look for the appropriate keyword for that which you need to build your website.

We have wide

Range of Services

In this 20th Century, peoples are using more website for their various purpose. So that making website is more effective for now and upcoming days.


Design your brand’s unique ideology that his voice, As a result, your brand creates a better experience are a solid content strategy plan among your target audience.


Connect with your existing and future customers with your brands and endorse your brand digitally by digital channels and engage your customers too.

We offer branding services that put your brand in the market with well established. A great brand design attract your customer too.


Social platform can make your brand more popular among the all aged people. We can manage it very well for your business.


Lot's of services...

There is lots more services inside is just waiting for you, so let’s check our services page now… 

Want to build

Beautiful Website with us?

We've come up with

Our Exciting Plans


Web design
  • Website for Startup Persons
  • Full Responsive Design
  • Basic Logo, Graphics & Banner​
  • 20 Designer Templates
  • Free Social Media Integration
  • Free Google Map Integration
  • Free Sub-Domain Name
  • Free Hosting 5 months​
  • Free Webmail Service
  • Free WordPress Service
  • Free Maintenance 1 month


Web design
  • Website Design for Personal
  • Full Responsive Design
  • Adv. Logo, Graphics & Banner
  • 50 Designer Templates
  • Free Social Media Integration
  • Free Google Map Integration
  • Free Domain for 1 Year
  • Free Hosting for 1 Year
  • Free 10GB Linux Web Hosting
  • Free 10GB Webmail Service
  • Free WordPress Service
  • Free Themes & Plugins
  • Basic SEO Service
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Free Maintenance 2 months


Web design
  • Website Design for Business
  • Full Responsive Design
  • Premium Logo, Graphics & Banner
  • Personalise Designer Templates
  • Personalise Designer Templates
  • Free Social Media Integration​
  • Free Google Map Integration​
  • Free Domain for 2 Years
  • Free Hosting for 2 Years
  • Free 30GB Linux Web Hosting
  • Free Business Mail 1 Year​
  • Free WordPress Service
  • 1 Premium Theme & Plugin​
  • Advanced SEO Service​
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Free Maintenance 3 months


Web design
  • E-Com. Website Design
  • Full Responsive Design
  • Categorize Product​
  • Type of Product
  • Product Collection
  • New Arrival
  • Trending Product
  • Gift Coupon system
  • Premium Logo, Graphics & Banner​
  • Free Social Media Integration
  • Payment Gateway System​
  • Free Domain 1 Year
  • Free Cloud Hosting 1 Year
  • Unlimited SSD Space
  • Free WordPress Installation​
  • 1 Premium Theme & Plugin
  • Full SEO Service
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Free Maintenance 4 months

Want to re-design

Your Website again?

–  If you are not satisfied with your web design , We will help you to re-design & make that beautiful again. Just Contact us.

–  If you want to customize with your own plan, no worry!!! We will also do that for you.

Why you choose us?

Modern web design is important in this modern era, that’s why a modern web design that works for today’s customer. We create websites that look great everywhere and easy to use also.

Modern Design

We create our client's website with creative thinking and more creativeness for your brand which looks good to your customers.

Creative Designers

Modern age designers can understand your project very well and as per your need they will make your brand successful.

Fast Delivery

We complete our project as fast as possible. It depends completely on your project. We understand that time is very vital for you.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We are always very careful and for this we give our best for every work. That's why every project come up with best result.

Some of our

Working Partner

These are our working partners with whom we worked for our client’s project.

What people

Thinks about us

Some of our


Abu Siddik Personal Website Design

  • Design
  • Development

This website designs for telling about his biography and his works which he had done during his life. We were responsible for the website design and development.

Maa Tara Enterprise Business Website Design

  • Design
  • Development

We’ve helped Maa Tara Enterprise design and develop a landing page for expanding their distribution business and helped the poultry farmer.