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Know our Process

The Procedure

Here we are discussing about our process of work from start to end. It will help you to understand better of our working process.


First of all, you contact us with a clear brief and your brief should be understand your goal, your project ideas and should be clear the services needed.


In this second phase, We understand your project first then we communicate with you and say “hello!!” to you. Now, if something is not clear, we will make it by communicating with you.

Also, a 50% deposit is required.


In this third phase, We will start working as per your description and giving us the idea about your project. Here we understand how your project will look like and how it is going to fit inside your business. After doing the whole process, we will send you a sample project.

Time to finalize

In this fourth phase, we are communicating about your finalizing your project and if there is any missing part of your project and any changes needed of your project, we will fix it here. Then we will send you the final project for approval.


In this final phase, You are about to finalize the project of our work which already sends it in the fourth phase. After your final approval, you send the second payment half and we will send you the project with all resources.

All the terms & conditions remain unchanged until your project send. If you are select our maintenance plan then it will extend your project maintenance life and still, we are connected with each other.


How will I receive my project / design, once project is complete?

The project will deliver to you after pay the final payment. It will also depend on your project also. If your project is about Web design then all the user id & password will deliver you by mail including all the resources. 

If your file is about Graphic design then all the files are sent to you by the electronic transfer method like Dropbox, G-drive or through e-mail.

It's Urgent. Can you help me in that case?

Yes, We can but it depends on the production schedule of us. If we take up your project then have to pay the extra payment of urgent file. Send us a message, we will discuss it there. 

What kind of websites do you build?

We build WordPress based websites. We don't use any codes to build your site.

We do not build websites with the help of CSS/HTML code.

Can you help to develop my website?

We can develop your site designs but we can't help you to develop your internal site problem. But we can suggest you hire a good developer to help you. If you agree then we charged the commission amount only.

Want more answer?

If you want to discuss your project, please contact us from our contact page. We will contact you within 24 hrs.

If you're convinced with our working process

let's start a project with us.

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